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Pedia Nurse Unveils New Pediatric Nurse Triage System

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Inovation comes to pediatrics.  Most of the time when we consider triage, it’s thought of in the context of “made for tv” and contains a lot of sensationalism.  However in real life, there are pediatric nurses who are trained and specialize in the emergency care of children.  There are several factors involved such as knowing the child, [...]

Kingman residents among first grads of new MCC program

Monday, July 30th, 2012

What a great feeling it can be when you earn a major accomplishment. These 18 individuals earned their practical nursing degree, most of which had to make significant sacrifices to do so. This is a great example of perseverance and determination. Not only will they benefit by this achievement, but all the patients they will [...]

Sometimes we give back what we get

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Here’s a story about a young college girl who was dealt a hand we don’t wish on anyone.  She took the misfortune of a terrible diagnosis and turned it into a positive by continuing her education in an area she never imagined to help others once she found out about her long up hill battle [...]

Can Nursing Students Get Scholorships?

Friday, July 27th, 2012

You bet they can.  There are certain fields of study where money is readily available and nursing is one of them.  Whether your intention is to study to become an RN, LPN, LVN or other specialty, you should be aware of the opportunities before you.  Here is an example of a simple $100,000 grant that [...]

The Ultimate Reward When Caring For Children

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

The ultimate reward any Pediatric Nurse can receive is praise from the parents who realize the steller care that was provided to their children.  As a result, these type of accolades can lead to national regognition.  If this isn’t a good enough reason to pursue a career in nursing as a specialist, LPN, LVN or [...]

America Needs Skilled Workers

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

All across America there is a shortage of skilled workers in many areas.  Once in particular is nursing.  This includes all aspects of the field from Licensed Practical Nurses or LPN’s to specialize areas like pediatric nursing.  The article below is a perfect example of the contagion that is spreading across the country.  Read the [...]

Programs To Earn A Practical Nursing Certificates Can Be Flexible

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

There are various options for those who wish to pursue a certificate in practical nursing on their way to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN or LVN.  Some schools offer night and weekend programs to assist those who have to maintain full time jobs while maintaining the desire to further their education and career advancement. [...]

LPN Programs In Palm Beach Florida

Friday, July 20th, 2012

This is a great place to learn the particulars of what is involved in a nursing degree allowing you to become an RN or LPN.  Anyone interested should take the time to learn what a rewarding career it can be and what’s involved in an LPN Salary and RN Salary where you can make more [...]