LPN Salary In Various Cities And States Based On Experience And Other Factors

Both men and women are seeing the rapidly increasing demand for nurses in nursing homes and all other
kinds of medical facilities as a very lucrative career option. If a person has the right aptitude and interest, he is sure to not only make an impact in the place he or she works but also to earn more.

These days, apart from registered nurses (RN) licensed practical nurses (LPN) are also in much demand.
As an LPN, also called licensed vocational nurses or registered practical nurse depending on the facility in which you work, you are qualified to take care of the disabled, the convalescent, the ill and the injured and are much sought after in dental offices, community health clinics, private homes, nursing homes and all kinds of public health departments.

Licensed practical nurses do not have as much training as registered nurses and cannot give advanced treatments. They are trained to take vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, height, weight, etc. They can also give certain medications and treat wounds. It does not take as much time to qualify to be a licensed practical nurse as it does to be a certified registered nurse.

While it takes a registered nurse three to four years to get his degree, an LPN can get his certification in approximately two years. These days it is also possible to be qualified in a short period, thanks to the numerous online courses. A high school diploma is all that is needed to enroll in a course to become a qualified licensed practical nurse. Although a licensed practical nurse is not paid as well as a registered nurse, he does get a decent salary.

One’s LPN salary depends on his years of experience, the type of facility he works in and the state he works in. The average annual LPN salary is $34000 with Massachusetts offering the highest LPN salary at around $48000. It is followed by Columbia, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The east coast states offer higher pay when compared to other regions. Various factors, the chief being economic factors, can be the reason for the disparity in LPN salary. Cost of living is a major factor for the vast difference between the highest and lowest LPN salary.

Numerous online sites provide detailed information about LPN salary in the different parts of the country. On such sites, you can also find out more about the salary offered to licensed practical nurses based on their years of experience, how many hours they work, their bonuses, sick days, vacation days etc. These reliable sites also tell you the likely salary that one can expect in various cities and states and the salary offered by various employers.

An LPN with less than a year’s experience is likely to get around $20000, while a person with over 20 years experience can earn anywhere from $50000 to $55000. Therefore, if you are looking to pursue a career as a licensed practical nurse, you can get detailed information about salary rates in the various parts of the country based on experience and other factors. The salary one can expect in various states is also listed to give a clear idea. Visit these sites to gather as much information as you can about LPN salary rates.

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