Important Prerequisites For Nursing Programs

Important Prerequisites For Nursing Programs

Educational and Prerequisites for Nursing

Prerequisites for Nursing

Nursing is an excellent career opportunity for men and women who want to work in the health care industry. Nurses care for patients with illnesses or injuries in health facilities including hospitals and clinics as well as private homes. Their responsibilities vary according to their level of education, area of specialty and place of employment. The prerequisites for nursing require two to four years of college and a license in all 50 states.

Nurses are trained to administer medications and provide treatments and therapies that are recommended by the physician. They may explain in detail the test results and options for different treatments available to a patient. Along with this, nurses also help patients get to the bathroom, change sheets and bed pans and give emotional comfort.

Prerequisites for nursing start with a high school diploma or a GED certificate. High school students who would like to choose nursing as a career should take health science and biology and try to maintain a good grade point average. This will help when seeking admission to nursing programs as they can be very competitive.


Different colleges in different states may have their own prerequisites for nursing, but all of them will require a student to satisfactorily complete a course in each of the following:

• Physiology and Anatomy
• Chemistry
• Microbiology
• Statistics
• Sociology
• Psychology
• Nutrition

Some course may be replaced by other courses, for example, another type of math course or Economics may be taken in place of Statistics. If the student has started his or her courses at one institution, they may be transferable to a new institution if they were taken at a school which is accredited by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain from their guidance counselor which courses satisfy the new school’s prerequisites for nursing and can be transferred.

Nursing degrees can be obtained at the associate’s or bachelor’s level. Both of these programs will offer practical experience and classroom learning. After graduating, nursing students must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for vocational or practical nurses (PN) or registered nurses (RN) in order to receive state license. Nurses can choose a specialty such as nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse, nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner. Some people may like to teach nursing or do research. This can be pursued through a master’s degree or doctoral nursing program.

There are requirements that need to be fulfilled before taking the NCLEX. The applicant must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited college or university. They may also take the exam if they have a nursing diploma from a program given by a hospital. The exam focuses on the student’s ability to make decisions correctly when faced with situations regarding patient care. Some of these situations may be very critical for the life of the patient. Students should prepare well in the subjects of:

• medical terminology
• scientific definitions
• health care definitions
• pharmacology
• muscles
• laboratory techniques
• safety

For any student who is beginning their college program, returning to school after a long time or transferring from one college to another, there are prerequisites for nursing that they need to consider. There are also some personal prerequisites for nursing such as patience, the ability to listen, the ability to understand that people are not at their best when sick or in pain and to always speak in a calm and rational manner. Many people wonder if they have what it takes to be a nurse. Basically, it takes the same qualities that are needed to be a good person in any field. Nursing needs dedication and dependability because both doctors and patients depend on nurses.

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