Registered Nurse Salary

Trying to know or understand how much you will earn as a nurse is one of the most important things that you want to know before embarking in this career. The average salary for a registered nurse can vary by state. It is very common for the registered nurses to obtain a grading based on their experience level which is measured by the number of years as opposite to the position that they have worked in the past. The new nurses have to obtain statements of service from their past employers in order for them to receive a grading that is recognized officially.

Every territory and state has its own wage or salary rates in the public sector. The continually updated information of wages can be acquired from the Department of Health website of every state. Salaries which are commenced through agreements of the industry between the employers and the Nursing Federation are according to the years of service of an RN or registered nurse.

The average salary rate every week could vary per state and you can use the following as a guide. An enrolled nurse is earning $750 a week, a midwife or registered nurse with one to four years of service earns $880 per week while those with five to eight years of service are earning $1,015 per week. On the other hand, nurse practitioners are earning $1,400 for a week. Generally, the wages and salaries are paid every two weeks but this usually depends on the territory, state or health service. Sometimes, one can arrange for expenses related to work to be directly deducted from your income.

The registered nurses in the country are also provided with the option to package their salary to reduce the amount of tax payment and at the same time maximise their net salary. Some expenses as can be paid by the employer for pre-tax income. As said earlier, the rates of salary earned by registered nurses are typically determined by the years of experience or services that will increase yearly up to the 8th year of experience and the 5th year of experience or service for the enrolled nurses. If there are further increases, it will usually depend on the responsibility level.

Registered nurses who are working on night or afternoon shifts are being paid percentages of their wage besides their regular rate. For afternoon shift starting from 10 in the morning and before 1:00 in the afternoon is attracting additional 10 percent of their ordinary rate. Afternoon shift starting at 1:00 pm and before 4 in the afternoon attracts additional 12.5 percent. On the other hand, night shift that starts at 4 in the afternoon and before 4 in the morning is attracting an additional 15 percent and finally, night shift starting at 4 in the morning and before 6 am will attract an addition of 10 percent.

Registered nurses whose regular working hours include work during Saturday and or Sunday are paid for the ordinary working hours they work between Friday midnight and Saturday midnight at the rate of time and a half and for the ordinary hours they worked between Saturday midnight and Sunday midnight at the time and three quarters. The salaries and all other payments due to employees are to be paid every week or fortnightly. The payment for overtime these nurses worked can be deferred on the next payday.

Registered nurses should know the salary rate of the state or medical institution they will be working so they can easily assess if it can provide them with financial security to support their needs.

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