Registered Nursing Salary

No other profession can be as noble and respected as nursing. As a Registered Nurse or RN, you should be willing to dedicate your effort, compassion and time to those who are in need and in turn, this can bring you respect as well as satisfaction.

But in addition to that, registered nursing is also one of the highest paying professions today. If you have the compassion, the desire to be respected and to be paid well, then this is the right profession that you should choose.

Registered nursing professions are said to have a promising outlook both for advancement and growth in the nursing industry. They have good salary packages as well. There are many factors upon which the salary of RNs depends. Some of these factors which play a key role in determining the salaries of registered nursing include the place where the RN is working, the state of the country where the RN is practicing, the education background, the years of working experience and finally, the extra skills possessed by the RN.

Generally, the trend is that nurses that have highly specialized skills will get the highest salary. In most states, the income per annum of an average RN is quite higher if he or she has more experience and has specialized skills. The hourly rate of RNs could greatly vary depending on the state where they practice their profession and the school where they received their certification. Today, the highest rate per hour of RNs is $40.67 while the lowest is $13.84 which basically is the entry level positions. There are also extreme cases in which low paid nurses can earn less than $30,000 per year. Some registered nurses are also earning as much as $90,000 each year. These salaries for registered nurses are dependent on the setting and state they are rending their services.

A registered nurse can be earning big salary if he or she is working in larger cities while they can be earning smaller if they are working in remote areas. The employment opportunities available to registered nurses are projected to grow at a faster rate until the year 2016 compared to other professions. Taking into account the fact that this field is large, many new jobs will be emerging. It has been estimated that around 587,000 registered nursing jobs will be produced and this is mainly due to the thousands of experienced registered nurses who will be leaving this profession.

In addition, the growth in this industry is also driven by the technological advancements and by rising stress on the precautionary care. Also, the total number of seniors or elderly people who are likely to improve compared to the young individuals demand nursing care has been expected to increase at a rapid pace. As this healthcare industry becomes more popular, there is a rise also in the competition level. Together with the growth in the rate of employment, there will also be an increase in the number of candidates who will be attracted in the industry as it can offer them with higher wages, work flexibility as well as other bonus points.

As you can see, Registered Nursing salary is quite big, even bigger than other professions. As a matter of fact, registered nursing has been declared already as among the top jobs in the healthcare sector and the best part here is that the salary for registered nurses is continuously increased each year. So if you are dreaming to help and cure people, then you should consider taking nursing career and enjoy the many possibilities and opportunities that await you. You will surely be more engaged to do well in your profession once you found out how much you are likely to earn as a registered nursing professional.

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